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Our manifesto

We are a 10 barrel micro-brewery specializing in what we call “approachable craft beer”.  We believe that craft beer has gotten a bad rap with some consumers over the last few years – and we’d like to change that.  While certain beer styles tend to be trendy, there are an awful lot of great beer styles that we feel are currently overlooked in the market – or that have become so extreme, in terms of alcohol content or hoppiness, that they are hard for many drinkers to enjoy.   

Our forefather, Zed, believed that beer-drinking should be a social experience that you enjoy with friends and neighbors.  It shouldn’t be a challenge to finish a great, well-crafted beer, and maybe even order another!  Some people refer to our kind of beer as “session beer” – meaning you can have more than one in a sitting, without getting too intoxicated or getting palate fatigue.     We offer a choice of something other than watered-down commodity beer that was brewed in a giant vat somewhere and had to travel hundreds or thousands of miles, in god-only-knows conditions – or a heavy craft beer that you have to sip like a cordial because it’s too boozy, or just too weird.   

So we created Zed’s Beer – a place where we could brew the kinds of flavorful beers we love, but that won’t blow out your palate or knock you off your barstool.  Where we focus on beers with an ABV (alcohol level) around 5.5 and with an IBU (bitterness level) under 42 (give or take a few).  Where we handcraft 10 barrels at a time, with ingredients we can trace (local wherever possible), and serve them up fresh in our friendly taproom.  Where we hope you’ll always find a favorite from among our core beers, or a new flavor to explore from our rotating seasonal selections.   

Our current offerings are described on our tap list.   You may not find a Double IPA or a Russian Imperial Stout there (or you might, we may surprise you every once in a while!).   If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re happy to recommend another great local brewery in the area with something in those higher ABV and hoppier ranges.  But we hope you’ll give approachable craft a try.