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Arriving early 2017, Marlton NJ

Zed's Beer

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Zed’s in Chop: Zed’s Original

Hungarians weren’t known for beer in the late 1800’s, but that didn’t stop Zed from brewing! My best guess at what he made is this Austrian Marzen-style, without the normal filtering. ABV: 4.2 IBU: 24

Zed’s Broken Nail Ale

My first homebrew recipe to ribbon, way back in 1999, scaled up to 5BBLS. Zed’s take on a east coast ale. ABV: 4.8 IBU: 30

Zed’s in NJ: Remainder Ale

Remainder Ale Blended from 6 different grains, this bathtub beer is bright and approachable. ABV: 4.6% IBU: 30

Zed’s on the West Coast: Pale Ale

Zed’s take on a west coast pale. A little darker than style, but first wort hopping makes it smooth. ABV: 4.9% IBU: 42

Zed’s in Ireland: Dry Stout

Zed’s dry stout. Is it a sweet stout, or a milk stout? Those are just words. What this stout is is tasty. ABV: 4.9% IBU: 18

Zed’s in Germany: Festbier!

It’s like a trip to Munich without the language barrier. ABV: 4.9% IBU: 32

Zed’s in the Basement: Dusty Lager

With the lager bite but without the ability to read thru it. Who wants to rack three times, anyway? ABV: 6.2% IBU: 37

Zed’s in the Basement: Dusty Lager w/cherries

Same as our dusty lager, but this time infused with bing cherries. ABV: 6.2% IBU: 37

Zed’s in Ireland: Red

Who knew this Cat had some Irish in him? Crisp and drinkable, Zed’s Irish Red hits 4.8% AVB and 20 IBUs

Zed’s in the US: American Brown

Malt forward with a touch of roasty finish makes this Brown easy to enjoy. ABV: 5.8% IBU: 26

Zed’s in the US: American Brown with Honey

Honey added to the end of the boil and again after primary fermentation takes the Brown to the next level. ABV: 6.0% IBU: 29

Who is Zed, anyway?

a Bado family legend

According to Bado family lore, our great-grandfather worked in the mines in Chop, Hungary. On his days off and as he could, he would brew beer for the other miners. The containers? Steel pails. I think he should be credited for inventing the Growler and Crowler!

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