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Visiting Zed’s Beer during the corona crisis


We’re now happy to welcome you inside the taproom! When you let us know you’re coming via the waitlist on —just indicate in the comment section “outside” or “inside” and we will do our best to accommodate. When you arrive, check in at the tent and let us know your name. Once inside, we’re asking that you keep your mask on if you’re not actively drinking or eating.  And best of all–we will come to you for your order! Some limitations: 90 minute table limit, no children after 6:30, no parties larger than 6.


We are excited to be welcoming everyone back to the (new and improved) Front Porch at Zed’s!  We missed you all–even those we haven’t met yet! Please carefully read through these new rules and processes, for your safety and comfort, and for the safety of our staff.  Bear with  us – there’s a LOT to cover here….

So while you are still able to get our beers for take-away at the host station, visiting Zed’s Beer will be a little different.


First, we encourage you to get on the waitlist! Using this feature will help you navigate your evening to best allow for you to have an enjoyable experience with minimal wait.

Seating will be “first come, first served” for parties of up to 8 people max.  We have a digital waiting list that you can sign up for via the link on our website, through our Google listing, or as a walk-up.   You will see where you are on the list, and  the anticipated wait time.  You’ll get a text as soon as we are able to seat you.  Please wait in your car or at an  appropriate social distance from other guests until you get the text that your seat is ready.    You can let us know via reply text if you are running late or need more time  – we’ll do our best to hold your spot in line, but in fairness to others, we can’t hold a table for more than 5 minutes if you don’t respond to the text notice. 


Masks are required when checking in, walking through the seating area, using the restroom, or any time when you are not seated at your table.  This is non-negotiable and we will enforce it for the safety of our staff and the other guests. When you are seated at your table, masks are not required.  We can provide you with a mask if you need one.  If you don’t want to wear a mask, remember that we have our Zed’s beer available in cans or Crowlers for take-out!  


When we check you in, you will need to provide a credit card to start your tab  (you can still pay via cash, a different card  or gift card when you close out) and you will be assigned a table.   Please do not switch tables, add seats, move your chair or join other parties without asking first. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate those kinds of requests due to the new regulations and our seating limitations.  


We will now bring the beers right to your table!  We don’t have menus, but you can find all the information about the beers on our web page, or our server will be happy to help you with any questions about the beers, sizes, prices, etc.    We’re new at the table service game, so please be patient with us as we adjust.  If you have any concerns, please let us know and give us a chance to make it right for you if we can. 


In order to avoid cross-contamination, we’re asking for your help to please bring your empty glasses to the bussing bins, and take any garbage, take-out containers, etc. to the garbage cans. (Remember – masks on whenever you get up).   Please put only *empty* pizza boxes in the  box bin (no food or trash inside them).    This will keep our servers’ hands clean for the beers!  This is also why we’re asking you to please NOT touch the server’s door, and honor any of the other “do not touch” signs you may see.


Restrooms access is through the taproom – please ask for the “key” before entering ONLY through the first door marked for Restroom Access (not the Server’s door) and following the marked path.  Please do not cross the chain or go past the gate, and please do not linger in the taproom or wait outside the restroom doors.   


In case of bad weather, we cannot allow you inside the taproom or to gather with other parties at a more sheltered table.    You can bring your own umbrellas if you want to stick it out.  If we have to clear the area, you can text us to let us know if you want to hold your table till the weather passes or if you are done and want to close out (you cannot take open containers out to your car).  


Let your server know when you are ready to close your tab.   We are not enforcing a specific time limit, but we ask  you to consider limiting your visit to 90 minutes during peak hours or whenever there are names still on the waitlist.   If you want to  pay using the card you checked in with, or through the PayPal app or Venmo (using the QR code on your table) your server can check you out.  If you want to pay using cash, another card, or some other method of payment, the host will need to assist you.  Tabs left open will be charged  to the card, plus a 20% tip.  


 – Order a Flight?  YES!  But we cannot do “tastes” or “splashes” – the 4oz pour is the minimum size

 – Bring my Pet?  YES! Well behaved pets are still welcome, but they *must* stay on a leash and stay on the floor at your table at all times.   Retractable leashes must be locked. Please remember, if you need to take your pet outside the porch, you need to wear a mask on your way out and back in, and we ask that you clean up after your pet.  

 – Bring the kids? YES (Sometimes) – we  are still kid friendly for seatings before 6:30 PM, as long as they are able to remain seated at your table with you.  They cannot wander away from your table or be left unattended.   If you are coming with kids, please make sure to count them in your party size on the waitlist.  Because of our limited capacity, we are not taking parties with kids after 6:30 pm.  

 – Bring in food? YES!  You can bring any food along with you.  But if you are ordering something to be delivered to you while you are here, please place your food order as soon as you are seated and please meet your delivery outside the seating area – they cannot come in to you, and we cannot bring it to you.    We are not able to provide menus, utensils, etc. right now like we used to.  

 – Play games?  YES – but games are strictly BYO (our games are still in quarantine) and we ask you to please respect the 90 minute guideline.  

 – Pay with cash  / credit card / gift card / bitcoin?  Yes / yes / yes / no


If you have other questions , please call (856-872-7632) email ( or message us ahead of time – preferably not during peak service times – and we’ll do our best to answer.  We ask for your patience and to bear with us while we work all the kinks out.  We want everyone to be able to relax and enjoy a few beers together, while keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority.