Start-up brewery: SWAG!!!

As we start to move closer to actually breaking concrete and building things, I’m turning my attention to expanding and enhancing the Marketing of Zed’s Beer: getting the word out that we’re going to open while emphasizing what you stand for and how you’re positioning the business in the marketplace.

In my former life, I used to talk to others about the “cost of doing business.”   This was the catch-all phrase I would use to identify something that a vendor would attempt to pass along to the company.  These were things that were necessary to doing business, regardless if the vendor was doing business with the company I was working for or not.  A quick example is office space.  My company was once asked to compensate for a vendor’s office space on a job.  I politely pushed back on this, with the rationale that the vendor had to have an office with or without my company’s business—and if the vendor didn’t actually have an office perhaps my company should not be doing business with them.  (Quick $50,000 savings on that job, by the way.)

Part of what I’ve identified as my cost of doing business is swag.  Swag, for those who don’t know, are freebies and giveaways: inexpensive items that can be provided to customers and partners that are branded.  You hope that the customer wears or uses your swag and that you get some goodwill and publicity in return.

I’m a fan of swag, as my wife can attest.  I rarely say “no” and will sometimes go out of my way to get something that I’ll never use just because I don’t want to miss out on it.  Frequently it is soon discarded or donated with little thought to the company that gave it to me.

So I’d like to know what kind of swag you would take if you had your choice.  Please let me know in the comments below or on my FB page at

I’ll be making a t-shirt, a mock-up of what it will look like is shown.


And bumper stickers are a given.  As is lip balm!

But what do you find of value?  what have you picked up from a table and incorporated into your everyday life?  key chains? pocket bottle openers? baseball caps? usb chargers? pens (especially the ones with the touchscreen capability)?  glassware?  pizza cutters?  velvet Zed’s Beer paintings?

Not saying I’ll be able to afford making it, but would appreciate the ideas.

11 thoughts on “Start-up brewery: SWAG!!!”

  1. Not sure if it carries over to the legal drinking age crowd, but I know the college kids all like the adhesive pocket sleeves that go on the back of cell phones. Great for an i.d. or credit card and a little money.

  2. – *Baseball caps for sure. But have to be quality. Love the mesh back ones.

    – agree with Amy on sleeves for back of phones

    – pint glass

    – beer cozies

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