Start up Brewery–March highlights

Well, it certainly has been busy!  By far the most important thing that has happened is that I’ve received my federal Brewers Notice!!  That means that according to the federal government, Zed’s Beer is formally a Brewery!  Now we just need to finish the fit-out and get the same recognition from the state.

After receiving all the necessary construction permits, we started digging for the sewers not even 24 hours later.  And since that time, we have filled in the holes created by the sewer connections, poured two huge concrete pads and strung a lot of electrical wire.  We also framed the false wall and framed out both bathrooms.  We’ve also cut a big hole in the back wall facing the rear loading area—and have closed that hole with a new garage door.  Lots of electric lines are pipped thruout the building and I’ve built the knee wall and bench where folks can hang out.

I’m waiting on the landlord to place the two HVAC units onto the roof while also determining the best way to bring the 2 inch water line in from Maple Ave.  We are both waiting for the 3 phase electric to be brought across the street by the utility company.  Apologies in advance for any traffic delays!

I’m also hard at work behind the scenes as well.  Everything from designing a few t-shirts, caps and the glassware (very cool!) to setting up accounts with grain vendors and taking calls from cable companies (not as cool!) have kept me going every day for months now.  

Did you know that there are at least 5 different sizes of commercially available toilet paper holders?  There are—and that’s not even counting thickness, softness and the things that *really* count.  Did you know that there are different lighting certifications possible to have in the US and that the lights Lori and I really wanted don’t pass any of them?  I do!

Sometimes it feels like we’re setting up more dominoes than we’re knocking down.  And Missus Zed and I have a lot of interior choices to make.  We still haven’t settled on what color the walls will be and I’m trying to figure out how to afford a cool educational mural on the entryway door.  Maybe we’ll have a mirror behind the bar?  Maybe we don’t want to have to clean the mirror.  Maybe we’ll have a bold graphic on the front of the bar?  Maybe we think no one will actually see it unless the place is empty—then what is the point?

So stay tuned, enjoy the construction videos, follow me on social media and keep the well-wishes coming!