Start up Brewery–December highlights

There’s been a fair amount of movement on the brewery compared to the update in November.  I’m sending this out a touch early to account for the holidays.

I’m pleased to have chosen Schooley Electric as the contractor who will be responsible for wring the building and all the equipment.  Joe and Nate have been fantastic to work with and are passionate beer connoisseurs.

I’ve also tapped SPS Mechanical to do all the plumbing and sewer work.  Sal’s been a huge help and helped to identify the mason and concrete guy, Ken Wilson.  His biggest job (other than filling in the holes Sal makes) will be to pour the two concrete islands that will hold the brewing equipment and cellar pieces.  They’ve got to be poured at 4000 psi because I’m engineering the space to double capacity in two years—and I don’t want to have to pour the pads again.

I’ve also decided to use a resin coating on the concrete that will make it impervious to liquid.  I’m going to work with a company called Restore Ugly Concrete, who will grind smooth everything that Ken leaves behind, then apply the resin.  It’ll be applied to all concrete and I can even change colors and textures depending on if it’s the public space or the brewery.  I’ve even given Pat the MSDS’s for the chemicals I’ll be using to clean—everything checks out!

The folks at the Township continue to be extremely helpful, especially Pat and Jennifer who both separately took about a half an hour each to walk me thru all the necessary paperwork, called a Unified Construction Code  or UCC.  I’ve completed it all, have the necessary copies of the line drawings from the electrician and plumbers submitted it the other day and am just waiting to see if they have any questions.

On very positive news, I’ve also received approval from the Municipal Utilities Administration.  The MUA oversees water and sewer use in the township.  And even better, the MUA has no issues with the size of the sewer I’ll be tapping into, as long as the tap corresponds to some regulation.  They sent me a picture that has to be followed.

With the MUA approval also came the approval from Zoning!  This approval is contingent upon, of course, the aforementioned UCC.  The UCC is what will allow for us to start breaking concrete and building things!  There’s a sign in the zoning office that they’re extremely busy at the moment, but that it shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks for review.  the only scary thing is that they township won’t approve pieces of the job.  It’s all or nothing, so if wont be possible to, for example, start cutting into the back wall for the garage door if there’s a question about the plumbing.

But I’m optimistic that I might be able to (literally) break ground first week in January.  If Sal and Ken can get done what they need to get done (sewer shouldn’t be more than a week and the pad can be poured in a day.) in a week, allowing for the concrete to cure and the resin to dry gets me to mid January.  Which is great, because the Stainless is scheduled to arrive January 16!!

Let me know if you’re curious about anything!

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  1. This is really cool Geoff! Hope everything is going smoothly with all of the approvals, etc.

    All the best and cheers!

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