Start up Brewery–Construction begins!

It’s been a great 42 days since the last update!  The biggest news is that I’ve received the construction permits to start the fit-out for Zed’s Beer!  No joke—I picked up the permit from the Township at 3PM and broke concrete for the sewer 8AM the very next day.  Had about 7 or 8 holes in the concrete for a week, but since we passed the sewer inspection 2/13, we’re starting to fill them back in.  Waiting on the trench drain to arrive.  After that, we will start to pour the concrete.

Take a look at some of these construction pictures.  Here’s one view of the space before any construction started.  The pipes you see are the old location of some of the plumbing.  I’m not positive what was in this space–it was a dog washing space and once a hardware store, but must have had a small cafe of some sort because of the grease trap.

These shots are after concrete was broken.

Here’s where the cold room will be.  The capped pipe will be the floor drain in front of the cold room door.  The angled trench will go to the wall and will be a vent.

Here’s the ladies’ room.  The tall pipe will be the sink.

Men’s room and mop room.

Finally here’s a before of the brewing area.  Imagine that the 3 big pink disks on the ground will be the Hot Liquor Tun, Boil Kettle and Mash Tun (they’ll be spread apart, of course), and that they’ll be sitting on a 6 inch concrete pad.

And here’s an after showing the trench drain that will separate the brewing and cellar pieces.


More to come as we continue to build!!


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  1. Hi Geoff, thanks for the email update, I viewed on my iPad and IPhone and the works well. Good Luck with the construction

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