February 22, 2017

Construction pix and videos!!


Watch as 8 hours of hard work gets compressed into thirty seconds.  Not fair!

Below are pix of the new door.  Entrance on the left makes getting into the brewery easier!!






Lets build a wall!

Lets put a hole in the (different) wall!

My glycol chiller arrived!






Here’s our brewing and cellar equipment moving into place.


Cutting holes in the brand new Zinc bar!






Putting in the Tavern floor.  12 hours in less than a minute!

Tavern Floor install

2 thoughts on “Construction pix and videos!!

  • Hi there,

    A group of my co-workers were interested in visiting your brewery as a little celebration of one of our bosses but I have a few questions? Are we allowed to order food to your establishment (other breweries I have been to allowed people to order pizza pies to their place) ? Also, how many people do you think we could bring? I know the tables are small so we understand that we would have to sit at different tables or stand.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you!
    Meagan Walker

  • Hello. I would like some information on having a 50th birthday party. It would be 80-100 people and the date is 7/30/2020

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