Welcome to this week’s edition of What’s Zed Got Going On?

Two is just a number!  Two is just a number!

Join us this weekend for a low key celebration of our second anniversary!  Time flies when you’re having fun.  We officially opened our doors on 9.9.17 with nine beers and just recently brewed our 100th batch.  (Do the math—that’s a lot of beers!)  We’ve won five medals this year for our beers, including a GOLD at the US Open Beer Championship.  We opened (and are close to finishing) the Front Porch, which has already become the place to meet friends and family in Marlton.  But two is just a number, so we’re keeping this anniversary low-key.  Stop by thruout the weekend and say hi—though you might want to come in Friday at 4PM for a new beer release! (see below.)

New Beer Release Friday at 4!  New Beer Release Friday at 4!

So while we’re not blowing things out, we are releasing one of my most-asked for beers.  Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen will launch at 4pm on Friday!  For those who aren’t aware, our namesake and my great grandfather, Zed, brewed beer for special occasions in his home country of Hungary.  While what he brewed is lost to time, after consulting with some beer historians, I created Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen.  It is brewed with grains and hops that he would have access to.  It’s a smooth, malt forward easy drinker with bready notes and a hit of caramel.  Officially launching Friday at 4PM.

We love love!!  We love love!

We want to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Bob and Trish, two great customers who live in the area.  Bob worked with us to surprise Trish a few weeks ago in the brewery!  Our first engagement!  Check out the pictures of the happy couple.  If you see them in the Brewery, raise a glass to their happiness!

Pour it Forward!  Pour it Forward!

What’s on the Pour It Forward this week?  “anyone who got good news from an oncologist.”  “someone named Tom whose birthday is 9.2 and works in Delaware.”   “someone wearing buffalo Bills or Sabers gear.”

Questions?  Ask Geoff or Lori

Hours for this week:

We’re back to regular hours, since Summer has ended.

Thursday: 4-9:30

Friday: 4-10

Saturday: NOON-10

Sunday: NOON-6:30

Wednesday 9.11 (Farmer’s Market Wednesday): 4-9PM

On to the beer list!  On to the Shandy list!  On to the Cans list!

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA v11 

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale  *silver medal winner*

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Irish Stout *gold medal winner* (Nitro only; no Crowlers; 4 paks are avail)

Zed’s in NJ—Blueberry Blonde

Zed’s in Chillum—SMaSH Gold

Zed’s in the U.S.—American Brown w/Honey from Cheyenne’s 

Zed’s Lost in the Woods (Again)—Summer Berry  *LAST KEG*

Zed’s in Remission—FasZ Rák IPA

Zed’s in Norway—Kviek style

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen

Zed’s in Bavaria—hefeweiZen  *LAST KEG*

Shandys!  Shandys! Radlers! Radlers!

Zed’s Porch Sipper Shandy

Zed’s Strawbeery Shortcake Shandy

Zed’s Blood Orange Copper Cream Shandy

Zed’s Mango Habanero Shandy

Zed’s Steagles Radler 

Cans!  Cans!

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen

Zed’s in Norway—Kviek style

Zed’s in Remission—FasZ Rák IPA

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale

Zed’s in Kansas—American Amber