Welcome to the latest edition of What’s Zed got Going On? your weekly insight into what’s happening at Zed’s Beer.

Marlton Harvest Fest  Sept 29 

Come on over to Marlton (recently voted best town in SJ) for their annual Harvest Fest on Saturday September 29!  It starts at 10AM and goes thru 4PM.  Grab some grub from one of the food trucks and come over to Zeds!  Zed’s will be opening early at 11AM that day and anyone coming from the Fest will get 10% off their order!  Just show us your SWAG bag or the cool craft you bought.  

Details on Harvest Fest here!

One Down Deals!  One Down Deals!

We’ve still got select sizes of the FIVE different One Down themed shirts!  They are only $15 a piece and available in both ladies and gents cuts. 

We’re still holding onto summer here and will be open at NOON on Friday.  Stop by to chat!

Thursday 4-9:30

Friday noon-10

Saturday noon-10

Sunday noon-6:30


Current Beer List!  Current Beer List!

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA v6

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale 42 

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream (no crowler fills)

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout  *nitro only* (no Crowler fills)

Zed’s in the US—American Brown w/Honey

Zed’s in Chop—Original Märzen

Zed’s in NJ—Blueberry Blonde

Zed’s Saturday Morning—Cinnamon Toast Ale

Zed’s en Alsace—French Saison

Zed’s in the Orchard—Golden Peach

Zed’s in Georgia—Roasted Peanut* Stout (*contains peanuts)

Zed’s in NJ—Jersey Blonde

Zed’s Upside Down—Down Under Pale Ale


Current Shandy List!  Current Shandy List!

Zed’s Blood Orange Shandy feat. Copper Cream (no Crowler fills)

Zed’s Fiesta Churro Shandy feat. Cinnamon Toast Ale

Zed’s Passionate Blonde feat. Jersey Blonde

Zed’s Boys-en-Blue feat. Blueberry Blonde