Welcome to this week’s edition of What’s Zed Got Going On?

Two is just a number!  Two is just a number!

A big “Thank you” from Lori and I to everyone who came out to Zed’s Beer for our low-key anniversary get together.  We truly appreciate the well-wishes.  We also learned that many of you were disappointed that we didn’t do something more elaborate!  Maybe next year?

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen!  Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen!

But wow are you folks happy to see this beer!  Released last Friday, this beer has been flying out the door—especially in 4paks!  Get it while they last!

For those who aren’t aware, our namesake and my great grandfather, Zed, brewed beer for special occasions in his home country of Hungary.  While what he brewed is lost to time, after consulting with some beer historians, I created Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen.  It is brewed with grains and hops that he would have access to.  It’s a smooth, malt forward easy drinker with bready notes and a hit of caramel.

Pour it Forward!  Pour it Forward!

What’s on the Pour It Forward this week?  Among a bunch of other things, some VERY SPECIFIC PEOPLE have beers waiting for them!  If you know any of these people, tell them to come on in!



Bob Rhoads

Med HArper

Kevin Harper

Bobbie Quinn

Dina Vassalo

Christopher Vassalo

Cathy Barstad

Jack from Virtua

Questions?  Ask Geoff or Lori

Hours for this week:

Just a reminder that we’re back to regular hours, since Summer has ended.

Farmer’s Market Wednesday 4-9:00

Thursday: 4-9:30

Friday: 4-10

Saturday: NOON-10

Sunday: NOON-6:30

On to the beer list!  On to the Shandy list!  On to the Cans list!

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA v11 

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale  *silver medal winner*

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Irish Stout *gold medal winner* (Nitro only; no Crowlers; 4 paks are avail)

Zed’s in NJ—Blueberry Blonde *no take-away*

Zed’s in Chillum—SMaSH Gold

Zed’s in the U.S.—American Brown w/Honey from Cheyenne’s 

Zed’s Lost in the Woods (Again)—Summer Berry  *LAST KEG*

Zed’s in Remission—FasZ Rák IPA

Zed’s in Norway—Kviek style

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen

Zed’s in Bavaria—hefeweiZen  *LAST KEG* *no take-away*

Shandys!  Shandys! Radlers! Radlers!

Zed’s Porch Sipper Shandy

Zed’s Strawbeery Shortcake Shandy

Zed’s Blood Orange Copper Cream Shandy

Zed’s Mango Habanero Shandy

Zed’s Steagles Radler 

Cans!  Cans!

Zed’s in Remission—FasZ Rák IPA

Zed’s in the US—American Brown w/honey

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout

Zed’s in Kansas—American Amber

Zed’s in Norway—Kviek style

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale

Zed’s in Chillum—SMaSH Gold