Welcome to the latest edition of What’s Zed got Going On? your weekly insight into what’s happening at Zed’s Beer.

One Down!  One Down!  Hold the date September 9!

One down and a lot more to go!

What’s happening at our One Down Anniversary party?  As many of you know, my great-grandfather and namesake of Zed’s Beer used to throw a block party a couple times a year in Chop, Hungary.  And he would brew beer for the occasion.  I’ve been asked if we have a recipe, but that has been lost to time.  But after a lot of research as to what the beer could have been, I’m proud to announce that we will be releasing Zed’s in Chop—Original Marzen.  Made with european grains, this is the style of beer that Zed could have brewed.  Similar to an Octoberfest, this lager has a rich malt backbone with a light sprinkling of bitterness.  

Lots more to announce in the upcoming weeks, including limited edition One Down glassware, swag, giveaways and more!

The party starts at noon.



New Beer Alert!  New Beer Alert!

Zed’s Saturday Morning—Cinnamon Toast Ale is the latest beer in our ongoing Breakfast Beer series.  Zed’s Saturday Morning—Cinnamon Toast Ale is a taste memory of Saturday mornings spent in front of the TV.  Warm, spicy cinnamon top notes give way to a lightly toasted malt backbone.

Special Announcement!

Nous nous bossons pour sortir une nouvelle bière avant le vendredi – mais c’est un mystère délicieux! Pour le découvrir, venez nous visiter au brasserie!

Summer Swelter this saturday!

If you can’t make it to Zed’s Beer on Saturday, head down to pitman for the first Summer Swelter where Lori, Dave and I will be pouring three beers!  The brewery lineup is the best I’ve seen this summer, in my humble opinion.  Tix still available at: http://uptownpitman.com/summer-swelter-craft-beer-festival/

summer hours:

Thursday 4-9:30

Friday noon-10

Saturday noon-10

Sunday noon-6:30

Here’s the list!

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA v6

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale 42 

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout  *nitro only* (no Crowler fills)

Zed’s in the US—American Brown w/Honey

Zed’s on the Liffey—Dublin Porter

Zed’s Lost in the Woods (again)—Summer Berry

Zed’s Saturday Morning—Cinnamon Toast Ale

Zed’s in Berlin—WeiSS—Last Keg!!

Zed’s in Georgia—Roasted Peanut* Stout (*contains peanuts)

Zed’s in Chillum—SMaSH Gold