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Show your Pride!  Show your Pride!

Pride Month is here!  As long as they last, you can show your pride by purchasing our new “drink with pride” 16 ounce glass!  Give us $11 and you get to keep both the glass and the beer inside it!  And for every glass we sell, Zed’s Beer will be donating $.50 to the newly formed Pride of Evesham!  You can read about the group on their Facebook page.

We are also offering pride t-shirts in baby blue and sunshine yellow!  20 bucks each.

New Beer Alert!  New Beer Alert!

Zed’s lost in the Woods (again)—Summer Berry is back!  Somehow Zed got lost again.  This time survival was guaranteed by a handful of blackberries and strawberries but a hell of a lot of raspberries!  90 pounds of the fruit, to be exact!  5.4%ABV 31 IBUs.

Pour it Forward!  Pour it Forward!

Here’s some of the Pour it Forward cards that are currently on the board: “a fellow NYC commuter!”  “Anyone who was at a funeral this week.” “someone who just got dumped.”

New ABC RegulationsNew ABC Regulations!

Continuing what I wrote about previously, below are a few additional thoughts about the new ABC regulations.  For those who may have not heard, the current Director of the ABC has issued new regulations regarding Limited Brewery Licenses (one of which Zed’s Beer/Bado Brewing holds to allow us to produce and sell beer).  You can read the regulations for yourself here

This week I’ll talk about special public events.  (It’s important to note that this is different than private events, which I will address in a subsequent post.)  The Director indicates on page 4 of the ruling that this revised Special Ruling includes “some changes that are intended to help limited breweries promote their brands and build their businesses.”  To this end, breweries will be permitted 25 on-premises special events.  

What’s a special event?  Page 5 explains: “a one-day event that is advertised or promoted by a limited brewery license or by a vendor on behalf of a limited brewery licensee through any media, including social media.”  After explaining that the ABC must be notified of the event the Special Ruling continues: “However, live televised championship sporting events (as defined herin) and live amplified music or DJ performances … will count toward the 25 authorized on-premise events regardless of whether they are advertised or promoted by a limited brewery licensee or a vendor acting on behalf of a limited brewery licensee.”  Page 11 provides further examples of special public events, including trivia/quizzo/game night; arts and crafts/paint and sip; games of skill; educational events and seminars; movie or theatrical events; animal adoption events; yoga or other similar types of classes.

Page 11 permits for a limited brewery to advertise these events ONLY by signs posted inside the limited brewery, or they will count against the 25 events.  Page 11 also indicates that announcing new beers is permissible and will not count against the 25.

So lets assume that I’m a fan of Soccer and am looking forward to the Women’s World Cup in France.  Because the ABC has defined the entirety of the Women’s World Cup as a live championship sporting event, I have to do the following:

Provide the ABC notice of each match I plan on showing at least 10 days in advance of the event.  Each match must be submitted separately, including a statement indicating that this is number X of 25 events.

Provide my local township clerk and chief law enforcement officer notice that I will be showing the Women’s World Cup at least 10 days in advance.  Each match must be submitted separately.

Describe each match

List the date and time of each match

Provide an estimate of the number of people I expect to watch each match

Provide security for the event to insure no consumption by individuals under the legal age and no pass-offs.  (I’ve since been advised that this is no different than what we do every day)

Provide the name, address and other contact information for outside vendor providing event (not applicable during the Women’s World Cup)

Provide a Tour of the Brewery to each person watching the match

Maintain complete and accurate records of each match shown, including all financial records for FIVE YEARS and make those records available to the Division upon request.

Oh—and a limited brewery is not able to hire a 3rd party promotor to engage or assist in the planning, administrating and/or operation of an on-premises event.

This example is just another piece indicating that the Director is taking a very narrow view of the current Limited Brewers license.  In practice, the Special Ruling is set up to discourage breweries from even having special events because of the additional time it will take toward record keeping and filing.  Further, the Special Ruling will force limited breweries to make difficult business decisions.  Is it better to advertise a civic meet up that might bring in a few new people or have a paint and sip night?  Is it better to tell people about quizzo open mic night?  Is it better to advertise the DJ that costs several hundred dollars or the night that will benefit the local intermural softball team?

As indicated previously, the most positive indication of this special ruling is that most of it will not be enforced for a year.  Which is where Zed’s Beer and many other Breweries will be asking for your help.  This has to be addressed legislatively.  Read about and sign the petition here.  And if you’re interested in what the New Jersey Brewers Association has to say, that’s here.   Stay tuned as I continue to comment on the Special Ruling.

Questions?  Ask Geoff or Lori

Hours for this week:

Thursday 4-9:30p

Friday: 4-10p

Saturday NOON-10p

Sunday NOON-6:30p 

On to the beer list!  On to the Shandy list!  On to the Cans list!

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA v10

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale  *silver medal winner*

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Irish Stout (Nitro only; no Crowlers; 4 paks are avail)

Zed’s in NJ—Jersey Blonde

Zed’s in Prague—cZech style lager

Zed’s on the Liffey—Dublin Porter

Zed’s Lost in the Woods (Again) Summer Berry

Zed’s in Manchester—English Pub Ale (Nitro only; no take-away) **LAST KEG**

Zed’s in the 10th—Muôi Tiêu Chanh

Zed’s in Wallonia—griZette

Zed’s in Kilkenny—Irish Red

Zed’s Black and Gold half and half (no take-away)

Shandys!  Shandys!

Zed’s Main Squeeze Radler

Zed’s Blood Orange Copper Cream

Zed’s Passionate Blonde

Cans!  Cans!

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout

Zed’s in NJ—Jersey Blonde

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA v10

Zed’s in Kansas—American Amber

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in Kilkenny—Irish Red