Welcome to this week’s edition of What’s Zed Got Going On?

Have your event at Zed’s Beer!  Have your event at Zed’s Beer!

Looking for a different place to have an event?  Have it here at Zed’s Beer!  e-mail us info@drinkzeds.com with dates you’re interested in.  We’ve hosted everything from corporate presentations to birthdays and anniversaries to a marriage proposal!  In general, we can host a private event on days we’re not open: Sunday night thru Wednesday.  We are also available to host an event during the day as long as we’re not brewing.  And we will also open up early for a Saturday or Sunday event.  E-mail info@drinkzeds.com for pricing and availability.

Cold Enough For Ya?  Cold Enough For Ya?

Seems like less than 100 days ago when we were all gathered in Pitman on a Saturday afternoon enjoying a bunch of beers complaining about how hot it was.  Remember that?  Yeah, us, too.  So to remind us of those halcyon days of shorts and t-shirts, we’re giving away a *free* Summer Swelter taster glass with every flight this weekend!  All you have to do is use the key phrase: “Cold enough for ya?” and a free glass is on its way.  While supplies last.

Get your people here next Wednesday!  Get your people here next Wednesday!

We love Thanksgiving!  Bring your family, friends, new friends and old acquaintances to Zed’s Beer next Wednesday!  We’ll be open starting at 2 and will go till 9, perhaps later.  Grab to go 4-paks and Crowlers for Thanksgiving Day, cuz we will be closed.  See below for next week’s schedule.

Pour it Forward!  Pour it Forward!

Someone might have bought you a pint!  Want to know if you qualify?  Just check the Pour It Forward board to see.  Some current recipients include: “someone having a blue Christmas.” (I will accept an Elvis impersonation.) “a new mom who just needs a beer” “a military spouse.”

Questions?  Ask Geoff or Lori

Hours for this week:

Thursday: 4-9:30

Friday: 4-10

Saturday: NOON-10

Sunday: NOON-6:30



Wednesday: 2-9

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: Noon-10

Saturday: Noon-10

Sunday: Noon-6:30

On to the beer list!  On to the Shandy list!  On to the Cans list!

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Irish Stout *gold medal winner* (Nitro only; no Crowlers; 4 paks are avail)

Zed’s in the Universe—Pale42

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale  *silver medal winner*

Zed’s in Knoxville—Amarillo Wheat IPA

Zed’s on the Thames—English Porter

Zed’s in the U.S.—American Brown w/Honey from Cheyenne’s *LAST KEG*

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen

Zed’s Banned from the Bog—Cranberry Wit

Zed’s in Norway—Kviek style *LAST KEG*

Zed’s in NJ—Jersey blonde

Zed’s in London—English Mild (dark)

Shandys!  Shandys! Radlers! Radlers!

Zed’s Porch Sipper Shandy

Zed’s Momma’s Strawbeery Shortcake Shandy

Zed’s Blood Orange Copper Cream Shandy

Zed’s Apple Cider Mild

Zed’s Passionate Blonde Shandy

Cans!  Cans!

Zed’s Banned from the Bog—Cranberry Wit

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale

Zed’s in Knoxville—Amarillo Wheat IPA

Zed’s in London—English Mild (dark)

Zed’s on the Thames—English Porter

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout

Zed’s in NJ—Jersey Blonde

Zed’s in Chop—Original MärZen