This is getting real – really real. As in the… ‘I’m covered in crushed barley dust and up to my brewing boots in mash and wort’… kind of real. Though it happened mentally a long time ago, I’m officially making the switch from homebrewer to professional brewer.

We received our Limited Brewery License for Zed’s and couldn’t wait to get started filling up the stainless tanks!  Here’s some of my impressions so far…

The first beer brewed was  Zed’s in the U.S American Brown (keep that in mind as the answer to a future trivia question). It was amazing and a little nerve wracking working for the first time on the equipment that I’d hand-selected for Zed’s. But the moment I noticed fermentation had begun? Pure joy.




We’re having a great time bringing the beers I created as a homebrewer to life at Zed’s. It gives me a new-found appreciation for my former colleagues at Campbell Soup, who had to “scale up” recipes first made in kitchens so that they could be served to larger audiences. We are doing that now for each of the hand-crafted recipes for Zed’s. It’s not just science, it’s an art. And we are trying to master that art as quickly as possible!

Sure, we’re learning as we go along – the first beers weren’t as clear as I’d like them to be; transferring to the fermentation vessels takes longer than I expected; using the keg filler without losing too many precious drops… it all takes time, but we’re loving every minute.

So far, we have brewed Zed’s in the U.S. American Brown, Zed’s in Ireland Dry Stout, Zed’s on a Plane WeissPale and Zed’s in NJ Pale.  Each day we are adding more kegs to the chiller, all in anticipation of sharing it with you!




There’s a lot of blood sweat, tears going into this process—though NOT in the beer!  I can’t wait ‘till you get a pint of Zed’s Beer in your hands. That day is fast approaching – honest. Keep following us here to learn more soon!