A general thanks to everyone who has helped us…

As Lori and I just finished an amazing opening weekend and made Zed’s Beer a reality on September 9, we want to take a moment to think about and thank all the people who helped us get to where we are. Apologies for the slightly longer blog post, but it is important to us to recognize everyone.

For those who don’t know the full story, Bado Brewing LLC started as a concept more than four years ago when New Jersey changed the laws to allow for direct-to-consumer sales. Seeing the success of smaller, non-package breweries like our friends at Village Idiot and Lunacy solidified the desire to upgrade from five gallons at a time to five barrels!

Like any journey, there have been a few setbacks since we created Bado Brewing LLC in 2015, including a much longer location search than anticipated, and a complete revision of the business plan, but as Poi Dog Pondering says, “thank goodness for every wrong move that made it right.”  We believe Zed’s Beer will be very successful and around for a long time.


We’d first like to thank Mayor Randy Brown and Evesham Township, especially Nancy and Leah in the zoning department.  It actually was a call out of the blue from Nancy on Christmas eve that brought us back from possibly signing a lease in a neighboring township.  Nancy and Leah obviously love the community they serve, as evidenced by their professionalism and enthusiasm.  In fact, everyone in the Zoning department and Inspections was extremely helpful to me being a “newbie.”  Pam, especially, has sat down with me on more than one occasion to make sure I had all my permits and paperwork completed correctly.


We would also like to thank all our construction partners in bringing Zed’s Beer to reality—we had nothing but a blank space and a vision in our head.  Eric Hafer and Associates, my architect, worked tirelessly to get the vision in my head down on paper—paper thathad to be legal and approved by a bunch of committees!  SPS Mechanical broke concrete and put in sewer pipes. Dominic and Master Contractors built bathrooms and walls.  BK Concrete poured trench drains and created pads for the stainless to sit on Steve Snow conditioned the space, installing HVAC units.  Schooley Electric wired the whole place—Jim and TJ from Schooley especially took me under their wing, often signing for packages while I was out running errands or buying things they needed. Absecon Island Beverage installed a beautiful beer tube that fits perfectly into the tasting room aesthetic.  And George Coulter ran the glycol lines.  Philip, especially, deserves a huge thank-you for working on the seam in the Zinc countertop.


We would be remiss to not thank the many volunteers who have helped make Zed’s beer a reality.  I’ll never forget how happy (and scared!) I was when we had to put the brand new stainless on their side to get the equipment into the brewery.  And the guys who helped out that day are fantastic people. To everyone who painted tables or put chairs together—thank you each and every one of you.

We also need to thank Tommy for being the first employee and for learning the brewhouse with me—thanks for being flexible with both my processes and scheduling!  You are a great find.  And Craig Higgenbottom for hauling away the grain and returning with corn, peaches and honey.


Finally, I also need to thank the many South Jersey Brewers that answered questions for me.  The list is longer than I can remember: Jay and everyone from Third State, Vince from Village Idiot, Pola and Sean from Lower Forge, Chris and Chris from Eight & Sand, John from Spellbound, Tony from Berlin Brewing—I know I’m forgetting a few someones.    And of course, Barley Legal Homebrewers Club, the NJ Brewers Association and the Brewers Association.

So as we move away from September 9, I have to constantly remind me to think of that big book with the large friendly letters: “Don’t Panic!”

To everyone who made it to Zed’s on Saturday and Sunday, thank YOU. I hope to see you again soon.  To all my future craft beer lovers, thank you in advance for giving Zed’s Beer a try and giving us a chance to welcome you into our family.

From now on, we’ll be open Thursday 4PM-9:30PM, Friday 4PM-10PM, Saturday noon—10PM and Sunday noon-6PM. Hope to see you soon.

SzervusZ and Slainte!