sustainably good

  In my former life at Campbell, my proudest moment was receiving a company-wide award for creating a best-in-class sustainable advertising production process.  So there is no doubt that I would continue to focus on sustainability when I opened my own business.  I sum it up this way – sustainable practices are not only the
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Momentum continues!!

(Heads up that all e-mail subscribers will receive a second e-mail this week regarding Marlton Day and your first chance to buy some Zed’s Beer Swag!!!) It seem like every single update we release could start with “so much has happened but we still don’t have an opening date” and this one is no exception!
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Start up brewery – the snowball starts rolling!!

We’re a little bit behind in our blogging ventures, but not because we don’t love writing about this process – it’s just that we got a little bit of wind back in our sails, and we’ve (finally) been able to get sweaty and dirty again putting in our sweat equity.   So here’s all the
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Start up brewery–October updates

So I’ve received some comments that people would like to know specifically what’s going on.  And when Zed’s is going to open.  I’m happy that folks are definitely interested in understanding my opinions on paper towels in the bathroom and using ugly food in recipes, but there is also the desire for concrete information. So
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start up brewery–I’m a fan of bathrooms

I’m a fan of bathrooms.  I know that might sound controversial, but I don’t think that I’m going out on a limb by saying that a bathroom is the kind of feature that I’ve gotten used to finding in a building.  Scholars say that bathrooms in some form or another have been around since 3000BC. 
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Start up Brewery: don’t be tacky!

So I’ve spent much of the past week or so with the designers that I’ve chosen to help with the ascetic feel of the brewery.  And we’ve landed in a really good place for the brewing area itself: the stainless fermenters will be front and center; the brewing equipment just behind; all stainless will be
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Start up Brewery–going with the flow

The dominoes I had set up while looking for the right space for Zed’s are starting to be knocked down.  My TTB application is in, as is my application for the NJ ABC and the order for the Brewhouse and Cellar stainless.  I’ve even submitted my first zoning approval for a temporary sign with evesham
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Start up brewery–we have a location!!!

We have a location!!!   So about three weeks ago, after a lot of searching and reviewing, I’m thrilled to say that the location for Zed’s Beer has been secured!!!  The building is situated in Marlton, NJ.  19 North Maple Ave in Marlton, to be exact. The space is an empty shell right now.  3200
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