So I’ve received some comments that people would like to know specifically what’s going on.  And when Zed’s is going to open.  I’m happy that folks are definitely interested in understanding my opinions on paper towels in the bathroom and using ugly food in recipes, but there is also the desire for concrete information.

So once a month, I’ll do my best to tell everyone exactly what’s going on while in getting the Brewery to come to life.

Here’s what’s happened in October:

  • I’ve lost my initial Builder/Contractor because his workload is too heavy to bring on another large project at this time.  This was the guy who has been inspecting prospects and helping me with estimates and budgeting.  I’m very bummed about this because he’s such a good guy and a neighbor.  But, he’s also committed to reviewing the bids of the contractors I’m looking at
  • I’ve found three viable, quality, local contractors to replace him.
    • Two have inspected the space, the third just after Halloween.  The first two have brought their experts on plumbing, electric, concrete, and finishing work to Zed’s this past week.  I should have estimates in about a week.
  • My architects have completed the plans for the Brewery and I’ve aligned to the layout.
  • My Electrician has completed the load calculation and panel schedule
    • I’ve submitted the above to my landlord, as we have to have PSE&G increase the electric coming into the building to 3 phase, 400A service.
  • I’ve received the Zoning paperwork needed from the township, but am waiting to choose the Contractor before submitting
  • Lori and I have basically aligned on the look and feel of Zed’s Beer, including color scheme, ceiling, floor and the first song that will be played every day.
  • Lori and I have not aligned on the last song that will be played every day.
  • I’ve met a few artists to talk about wall graphics, growlers, tap handles and a few other fun stuff
  • I met a great company, who has given me some unique options on both the floor and the bar
  • Purchased additional work shirts from
  • I’ve been working with some online t-shirt companies and have been fairly underwhelmed.  The prices are good, but the originality of ideas just isn’t there.  Should have done what I’ve done with just about every other aspect of this project and worked local.
  • I’ve joined the Marlton Business Association and attended a quality lunch and met some quality people

Here’s what I have to look forward to over the next few weeks:

  • Meeting with the architect’s designer to finalize the look and feel
  • Reviewing the contractor’s bid and
    • making any necessary adjustments to the plan
    • deciding who gets the work
  • Submitting construction approvals to Evesham Township
  • Finding someone who can help me think about t-shirts and other swag
  • ordering the glassware
  • (hopefully) break concrete!!