I very much appreciate the Brewers Association, of which I am a member, for all the data and information they provide access to.  Just today, I participated in a “Power Hour” video conference presented by Nielson regarding the craft beer drinker.  The presentation was called “Getting Inside the Mind of the Craft Beer Drinker.”  Fascinating stuff!  And the information identified what I’ve known about myself for years:  when it comes to craft beer, I’m loyally promiscuous.  This is something that I’ve suspected about myself for years and finally the Brewers Association and Nielsen have given me the data to know that I’m not alone.

(My caveat: I’m going from notes, so if some of the percentages are incorrect, accept my apology in advance.)

What does loyally promiscuous mean?  It means that while I love trying new local beers and finding new local beers, I also have a stable of “go-to” craft beers that are always in my portfolio.   The data backs me up.

In the survey among those who identified themselves as weekly craft drinkers, 75% of them indicated that purchasing beer “locally made” is important to them.  Further, 71% of these drinkers indicated that beer manufactured by an Independent brewer is also important.  How is Local defined?  35% of these weekly drinkers indicate that local is defined as “within my town or county.”  31% of them indicated that local is “within my state.”  (Interestingly, 40% of all craft beer drinkers say that “small batch” is Local, regardless as to where it is  made.)

So while 75% of weekly craft beer drinkers indicate that locally produced beer is important to them, 82% of those drinkers say that their favorite beer is their favorite beer—regardless as to where the beer is manufactured.

I’m obviously not alone in being loyally promiscuous.  When I travel, I always do my best to research the local breweries.  Usually I do this before I start to travel, but if I can’t, I’ll rely on the kindness of strangers to give me their impressions of the local beer scene.  Craft Beer has trained me to expect high quality—the survey from Nielsen indicated that 80% of drinkers believe that Quality has increased from previous years.  So like most drinkers, I should never be afraid of trying something new.

Except for when I don’t feel like trying something new.  Sometimes I just want a beer that I know, one that I can count on and not have to think about.  There are times when I find comfort in the consistency of a well produced, well known craft beer.  So I’ll order that which I know—and bask in the enjoyment of a delicious beer.

Loyally Promiscuous.  Nothing to be ashamed of!