IMG_0370 (1)So things are looking up and I believe I’ll be abel to announce the location for Zed’s Beer in the next few weeks, fingers crossed.  I’m tempering my excitement about both locations until I actually have a signed lease in hand, but I’m feeling very positive!!

Over the past month, I’ve:

  • found two very good, affordable options
  • been able to potentially double or triple (!) the square foot of the brewery compared to the previous location
  • decided to expand output to either 500 or 700 potential barrels a year
  • re-opened the search on the manufacturer of the brewing and fermenting equipment to accommodate the larger potential output

So here’s the differences between the two spaces:

Location A is smaller (3200 s/f) than Location B (5000 s/f).  BUT: because Location B is less expensive per square foot, they cost around the same.

Location A is finite in space.  My brewery will be the size it is until I decide to move.

Location B has the potential of adding an additional 2500 s/f down the road, depending on what happens with the other tenants

Location A has a greater traffic count on the road directly in front of the brewery (shore traffic!)

Location B has a greater traffic count when considering the major highway exit less than a half mile away (shore traffic!)

Location A is in a “downtown” area, though the building is kind of in a strip center and everyone drives everywhere anyway

Location B is in an “industrial” area, though the building is less than a mile from a major shopping center and everyone drives everywhere anyway

Location A has a much higher 5 mile average household income

Location B has closer breweries, making it easy for tours

Location A has a pizza shop and a Chinese restaurant within walking distance

Location B has one fast food restaurant just off the parking lot

Both locations:

  • have the support of the township—the mayor of Location B actually called me when he learned of my proposal!
  • have high ceilings, slab concrete floors, adequate water and utilities
  • have ample parking
  • can take advantage of grub-hub or similar delivery services

The options really are very similar.  My spreadsheets are vast and all inclusive, so it will come down to final leasing options and construction costs.  Stay tuned!