The dominoes I had set up while looking for the right space for Zed’s are starting to be knocked down.  My TTB application is in, as is my application for the NJ ABC and the order for the Brewhouse and Cellar stainless.  I’ve even submitted my first zoning approval for a temporary sign with evesham township—which was approved!  (Hoping to get the sign installed in time for this weekend’s Harvest Festival.)

But most of my time is being spent with the architects figuring out how the space will flow.  I’m big on flow and there are things that I find frustrating when I go to other breweries that I’m hoping to engineer out of Zed’s Beer.

The picture here is an initial thought starter on how the brewery will be laid out.  It’s not the official, professional documentation, obviously.




When you enter Zed’s, you’ll only be able to enter through one door—the closest door to the majority of the parking.  This will be on the left side of the brewery.  When you enter, you’ll be guided into the heart of the brewery.  On your left will be a wall with pictures explaining the brewing process.  On your right will be a half-wall, where you’ll be able to see the tasting room, find your friends and get a good feel of the place.

As you walk down this short hallway, in front of you will be the stainless steel and the heart of the brewery.  You’ll see the fermenters, the kettles and the bright tanks—all labeled.  There will be a barrier here as well, since I don’t want you fooling around with the equipment.  That barrier will force to you turn right where you can formally enter into the tasting room.

Along the right wall of the brewery will be the bar.  And at one end of this bar—right in front of you after you turned—will be the 10 taps.  Behind the taps on the wall will be a couple of TVs.  But more importantly, the list of beers currently available will be on the chalkboard.  (I’d like it to be a whiteboard to honor my years of corporate america, but Lori’s said “no flipping way” to that idea.)

The beers will be simply named:  Session IPA; Irish Stout; Cream Ale; Blueberry infused Wheat; etc.  I’ll also list the ABV and IBU of each beer, as well as the size of the pour.  I’ll do my best to keep the pricing as simple as well.  The same price for a glass of beer, though the size of the glass may change depending on how much it costs me to produce.

You’ll have a bunch of choices on where to sit, including a couple of couches.  Or sit at the bar if you like—there will be hooks under the bar for purses and such.  Or for those who prefer, high-top tables.  Need to connect?  Use the wireless if you like (the password is ZedsBeer) and go ahead and take advantage of the usb outlets to recharge.

Want to pick up a t-shirt, tote bag, sticker or growler?  You can grab those at the other end of the bar.  And when it’s time to leave you’ll exit out a different door than you came in.

It’s all about the flow.