So I’ve spent much of the past week or so with the designers that I’ve chosen to help with the ascetic feel of the brewery.  And we’ve landed in a really good place for the brewing area itself: the stainless fermenters will be front and center; the brewing equipment just behind; all stainless will be on a raised cement platform; two trench drains in the raised section and one other on the floor.  I’m happy with the position of the milling room and cold rooms, as well as the general layout of the tasting room section.

The outside of the building is another story.  Since Zed’s Beer will be in the historical section of Marlton, so many decisions have already been made for me.  Here’s just a few examples:  (This isn’t the actual language, BTW.)


img_0114 img_0117-1

  • Exterior signs must be made of wood and cannot extend out from the side of the building.  In other words, the signs should be flat against the building, not at a right angle.
  • The colors on the signs should be relatively muted in nature. .
  • The sign itself cannot have neon, lit colors or those cool chasing lights.
  • I can light the signs (assuming I’ve got the landlord permission) but it has to be done in a subtle way and directed to the sign itself and not shine into the eyes of anyone who would be driving or walking by, or any windows in any other buildings or homesteads.
  • the sign itself also has to adhere to specific size, though I’m free to choose the shape.
  • The building cannot be painted in any color scheme that is not in line with the rest of the colors in the historical section.
  • I should refrain from placing any lights on the exterior of the windows

None of the above is anything odd or strange.  Nor do I think that the Township doesn’t have the right to put rules in place.  It has been a bit since I moved from Marlton to Cherry Hill, but I don’t remember Main Street being overrun by neon and crazyness, but there must have been something that caused the guidance to be put in place.

For me, all the specifics and language should be replaced by something much quicker and easier to remember:  “Don’t be tacky, please.”