So I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to announce that I’ve signed the lease for my preferred location shortly!  This means that shortly I’ll be able to provide the township and actual location of Bado Brewing/Zed’s Beer.  And that also means that shortly I’ll be abel to give a guesstimate as to when I’ll be open.  I have also, obviously, learned to not define “shortly.”

But I will give you a list of decisions that have been made.  Some of these might seem a little bit trivial while others look on the surface like no-brainers.  Some of them are specific to the experience and others are driven by budget.  But they’ve all been researched and are as set in stone as things can be at this point.

I invite you to share with me your ideas of what you’d like to see in a Brewery!

IMG_0368 (1)In the Brewhouse:

  • 5 Barrel electrically powered system, which will allow me to produce up to 500 barrels or approximately 15,000 gallons of beer a year, assuming 2-3 brew days a week consisting of:
    • Sexy stainless equipment!
    • 5 BBL combination mash/lauter tun with spare arm and rake
    • 5BBL boil kettle with whirlpool
    • 10 Barrel Hot Liquor (water) Tank
    • hard-piped equipment
  • A trench drain!
  • Etched concrete floor imbedded with that cool sandy stuff that (hopefully) makes slipping more difficult

In the Cellar: (No, the space does not have a basement.  A “cellar” refers to the “cold” or “fermentation” side of brewing.)

  • 4 Sexy stainless (possibly 6) 5BBL fermenters
    • 6.5 BBL total capacity
    • glycol jacketed
    • conical shape, also glycol jacketed
  • 10X12 Cold Room for storage
  • lotsa kegs

In the Tasting Room:

  • Visibility to the sexy looking brewing equipment
  • Tours!
  • 12 total taps
    • glycol cooled lines
    • 2 nitro compatible taps
  • Bar with seating for at least 12 guests
  • Seating area for another 40, give or take
  • Electrical outlets with usb ports
  • Heavy duty hooks for a purse or other carrying bags beneath the bar!
  • Two bathrooms
    • ADA compliant
    • available to all peoples regardless of self identification
  • An open ceiling to the very cool looking wood rafters!
  • A/V equipment for private parties and private events
  • A couple of TVs tuned to NJ ABC-compliant programming
  • ASCAP permissable music
  • Take out menus from local eateries
  • Air Conditioning for the Summer and Heating in the Winter

And for those wondering, I’m working on locking down the space I called “A” in a previous post!!