So I’m sure that I’ve done it through my life—promised someone that I would get back in touch with them or return a call or provide some piece of information and never did.  And while I like to think that I’ve never done it out of spite, even those who never received follow up through my forgetfulness or inattention are in the same boat.  So I’m offering a broad apology to anyone I’ve caused to suffer waiting for a response from me.  For I definitely know how it feels!

For reasons that I can only guess at, the landlord that was going to lease the space that was to be Zed’s Beer has, for all intents and purposes, fallen off the edge of the earth.  Despite numerous e-mails and requests for follow ups, I’m left in the dark as to where I stand regarding this building.  I’ve even called numbers of times over the past few weeks and spoke with an admin—but still no follow up.  So not knowing where I stand, I can only assume that the lack of follow up means that the building owner is no longer interested and I am therefore forced to move on.

It’s especially frustrating since we’ve gone though 3 or 4 versions of the lease already.  And there has been no indication (that I picked up on) of cold feet.  On the contrary, there was an open dialog where we both discussed what we were looking for and willing to do for each other.

As I type that last line, it sounds like a line from a movie where the left-at-the-alter bride is talking with their best friend.  And that’s kind of like how I feel.  But after 6 weeks of zero follow up, I can only read what is on the wall.

The best part is that, like that left-at-the-alter bride, other suitors are just around the corner—some of them literally just around the corner.  And while this has set me back on my quest to bring approachable craft beer to the community, it’s just another hurdle to overcome.  I’ve already found 2 or 3 locations that I’m excited about!  They all offer different challenges, but all will work for Zed’s Beer.

So while it would be nice to know what happened, I’ve resigned myself to not knowing.

But I do offer a blanket apology to anyone I was supposed to follow up with and never did.  And I offer up the following reasons why I didn’t follow up, courtesy of Jake:

  • I ran out of gas
  • I had a flat tire
  • I didn’t have enough money for cab fare
  • My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners
  • An old friend came in from out of town
  • Someone stole my car.
  • There was an earthquake
  • A Terrible Flood
  • Locusts!

And the most appropriate one of all:

  • It wasn’t my fault, I swear to god!