Things are Happening at Zed’s Beer!

Today marks one week since I announced the date for our grand opening — 9/9/17 in case you missed the news! And since then, it’s been nonstop action.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s going on:

First and foremost, it’s all about the beer. We’ve just brewed our 10th batch – Zed’s in the Orchard — Golden Peach.  It’s a Golden Ale made with 65 pounds of real jersey peaches from nearby Cheyenne’s Road Market, the only farm in Evesham Township. Add that to the West Coast IPA, WeissPale, Dry Stout, NJ Pale, Vanilla Porter, English Mild and the Copper Cream, and we’re starting to stack a whole lot of kegs in the chiller in anticipation of 9/9.

Lots of other preparations are underway as well. Lori and I have been finalizing the tasting room. The zinc bar is polished and beautiful! We’ve been painting tables, putting chairs together, and finishing up all the little details to add comfort and character to our surroundings.

We’re hiring! Just a week after posting that we need TIPS certified servers, we’ve been busy interviewing prospective candidates. We’re really excited to expand the Zed’s Beer family with beer enthusiasts ready to serve Zed’s Beer to you!  Please download the application and e-mail it to  We’re especially looking for people available Thursday and Friday late afternoons.

What’s Next?

A little more than a week ago all people could ask mewas when we are opening. Now I’m being asked about 9/9, soft launches and more, so here’s a few details to tide you over. But keep checking our social media pages for more information as things continue to evolve:

Soft Openings – we plan to have a few “soft openings” leading up to 9/9 and at least one will be specifically for you, our e-mail followers. We’ll be posting more details soon on when that will be, how to sign up, etc.

What is a “soft opening,” you ask? It’s an unofficial opening by invitation only to help us “work out the kinks” before our grand opening takes place. If you join us for one of these events, we’ll ask for your patience as we get up and running with our point of sale operations, correct pours and the like.  We will also welcome your feedback along the way.

Grand Opening – you’re invited to our ribbon cutting and first official opening to the public on Saturday, September 9 at noon. Our address is 19 North Maple Avenue in Marlton’s historic district, right off of Main Street. Mark your calendar!

We have a golden opportunity for the first guests to order up a pint of Zed’s Beer at our grand opening! We’ll be selling a limited-edition Zed’s gold lettered glass to hold your first pint.  We only made 144—I already broke two and Lori and I are keeping one each.  $10 bucks gets you the cool glass and 16 ounces of beer!  Check out the pic below, isn’t’ it a beauty?

So, tell me, what beer are you hoping to try on your first visit to Zed’s Beer?