I’m very pleased to announce that Zed’s Beer will have a tent during Marlton Day tomorrow, June 10th!  Come on out to Main Street and visit more than 60 local businesses and services—including Zed’s!  There will be 5 food trucks, a motorcycle show and stuff for the kiddies to do.

And for the adults, Lori and I will be there to talk about the brewery.  We can talk about recipes, processes, how much beer we’ll produce.  We’ll have grain to chew and hops to smell.  And a bunch of other beer-geeky stuff!  AND—this will be your first chance to get some Zed’s Beer swag!  We’ll have t-shirts, tanks, socks, glassware and a couple other things.  No beer, though! (sorry.)

Marlton Day starts at 11AM and goes until 4.