sustainably good

  In my former life at Campbell, my proudest moment was receiving a company-wide award for creating a best-in-class sustainable advertising production process.  So there is no doubt that I would continue to focus on sustainability when I opened my own business.  I sum it up this way – sustainable practices are not only the
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prepping for grand opening

Things are Happening at Zed’s Beer! Today marks one week since I announced the date for our grand opening — 9/9/17 in case you missed the news! And since then, it’s been nonstop action. Here’s just a sampling of what’s going on: First and foremost, it’s all about the beer. We’ve just brewed our 10th
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Momentum continues!!

(Heads up that all e-mail subscribers will receive a second e-mail this week regarding Marlton Day and your first chance to buy some Zed’s Beer Swag!!!) It seem like every single update we release could start with “so much has happened but we still don’t have an opening date” and this one is no exception!
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Start up brewery – the snowball starts rolling!!

We’re a little bit behind in our blogging ventures, but not because we don’t love writing about this process – it’s just that we got a little bit of wind back in our sails, and we’ve (finally) been able to get sweaty and dirty again putting in our sweat equity.   So here’s all the
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