September 20, 2017

what’s Zed Got Going on?

Welcome to What’s Zed Got Going On?  Your weekly list of what’s happening at Zed’s Beer, including what we’ve got on tap this weekend.

Isn’t that an amazing picture?  Come on in and show us your skills on one of our chalkboard tables!


A reminder that we’ve got two beers on nitro this weekend:

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout

Zed’s in the US—Am. Brown w/Honey.

I highly recommend having these beer styles side by side.  It’s amazing how just the method of dispensing the beers can change the taste.


A big thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday to help us support the Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team.  We were able to donate $100 to help get the team to Vegas this past week.

Finally, the New Jersey Brewers Association (of which I am a member) is hosting a Political Action Committee (PAC) event to help us fight for better laws in NJ.

It’s scheduled on 10/24 at Forgotten Boardwalk.

The event is only $25 and limited to 200 tickets. 100% of the proceeds go to our political action committee. There is also an option to donate for those who can not attend but would like to support the cause.

Pro-brewery legislators will be invited to the event which will help us raise awareness in addition to supporting the PAC.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.



Our hours this week:

Thursday: 4-9:30

Friday: 4-10

Saturday: Noon-10

Sunday: Noon-6:30


And now for the taps!

Zed’s in NJ—Jersey Blonde

Zed’s on the West Coast—IPA (no growler fills)

Zed’s on a Plane—WeiSSPale

Zed’s in the Backyard—Copper Cream Ale

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout

Zed’s in Ireland—Dry Stout *nitro* (no growler fills)

Zed’s in the Orchard—Golden Peach

Zed’s in London—English Mild (dark)

Zed’s in the Pacific—Vanilla Porter

Zed’s in NJ—Pale 42

Zed’s in the US—Am. Brown w/Honey

Zed’s in the US—Am. Brown w/Honey *nitro* (no growler fills)